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reinvent LOVE

reinvent LOVE
12.04.2011 в 15:04
Пишет Zooey.:

Brendon's Birthday.
Процитирую тумблер:
happy 24th birthday, brendon boyd urie!

brendon is seriously incredibly talented, and he inspires me so much. i just have so much respect and love for him. his dedication to music/p!atd alone is so inspiring, and i’m so proud of him and spencer for getting as far as they have (so far). they’re only getting bigger and better, and i’ll never doubt them. neither of them have ever let fame get to their heads, and that’s incredible (and not likely nowadays) considering how far panic! at the disco has come in the past few years. they’re some pretty amazing guys who i’ll never stop supporting. brendon has worked so hard to get to where he is right now, and everything he’s earned is so well-deserved. love you so much.

Не забудьте запостить #HappyBirthdayBrendonUrie на твиттере, а ниже самые лучшие поздравленческие гифки с тумблера.


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reinvent LOVE
на концерт Panic at the Disco только с 18 лет.
Многие говорят,рискни,но я побаиваюсь.Придется ждать их у отеля.

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